One Year.

The last time I blogged here I posted a dumb referential short story about sci-fi characters in the realm of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. It was in March. I had just turned 30 and felt like things were alright, our government not considered.

A lot has changed since then. But that isn’t why I have decided to write again. I miss it, writing passionately about things that excite me. I was talking to someone recently about my outlook, and I determined it boils down to “stuffing.” I need to keep taking things in and using them for other things. I’m not content at knowing something I am content knowing everything about that something which will then bring me to something else.

Its why I can spit facts at you about Worcester, or every lineup of the New York Mets since 1990, or almost every mascot in the NCAA or recite whole chapters of Bob Dylan’s memoir.

In the last year since moving out of Worcester my brother defeated cancer, my relationship ended and Boston comedy lost a great friend.

I wanted to make note of somethings that stick with me daily, things I want to write about but still can’t figure the right way to execute:

  • Bane’s last show was over a year ago and from time to time I feel nostalgia for the nostalgia. I watched the show from balcony in the not yet redone Palladium and my heart raced just as hard as it did when I was 14 and saw them at a VFW. The impact those guys had on me is heavier than they intended and I think a lot of people feel that sentiment. They were important to me and I am grateful to have been there that night.
  • I witnessed a lot of friends and family members get married. And while I’m not hung up on the whole marriage thing, I am impressed and the shared experience of love. People from all walks of life sitting in dresses and suits to eat and dance and clap for your loved ones is a pretty special thing.
  • Nick O’Connor was a great man. He was a funny and irreverent comedian. He was a talented and eloquent person. He loved and and he thought and he cared. He told us to drink more water and to not go to his show. He brought you donuts, he’d lend you cigarettes and he always gave you a hug. His excitement and bravado that is no longer here is much noticed. I love you Nick.
  • The Houston Astros are one of the most fun teams to watch in baseball. Jose Altuve is a treasure and should be treated like one the best of all time not as one the best of all time who also is 5’7″.
  • I have visited Wilmington, NC and Kansas City, MO this past year. They are both great cities in their own respective ways. I do not want to get into the troubling politics of either of these two states because it is irrelevant to what I want to say about them:
    • Wilmington is truly a pirate town, with very few actually from Wilmington living there. The comedians in that town are for the most part welcoming and caring and hilarious. It is also home to one of the most fun comedy rooms that I’ve experienced. I don’t know if the Wilmington comics are aware of how special Dead Crow Comedy is, but even an open mic feels electric.
    • Kansas City, MO is known for their BBQ and their fountains and I definitely experienced those. The BBQ is the best, sorry NC they win. The comics all work hard despite its tiny scene. Aaron Naylor is a treasure and while that city reveres him, he needs to get the hell out so he can share that KC charm with the world.
  • I, along with the help of Bryan O’Donnell, put on a week’s worth of comedy shows in Worcester. It was called WOOtenanny and considering everything I believe it was a success. Over 350 people came in and out of the doors during the week to witness some of the funniest people in the area. I’ve already gushed about great Worcester is for arts and comedy on social media. I will use the Field of Dreams mantra, “If you build it, they will come,” Worcester definitely came out all I did was build the damn thing. Great job dudes.
  • Finally I just feel healthier as a person. Emotionally, physically and mentally. I used to wallow if the idea that I thought I was given a bad deal. I am now using those upsetting things and processing them. I am talking about how I feel and not seeking to be polite whilst sharing. I know this is like basic human health stuff, but I’m happy that I’ve finally figured it out.

I am looking forward to being more active on this, because of comedy I am still put into weird and unlikely scenarios and I can’t wait to share them with you.

For those previous said scenarios please visit my old blog:

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